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Neil Peter Christy has two chapters in his life. He dropped out of engineering college to pursue his career in advertising. Within a year, he moved to Ogilvy as a copywriter. Ten years later, Neil started his advertising agency called Head Lion.

After many accolades, awards, and adventures, Neil began his second chapter ten years later. He moved to America, leaving behind a successful life in Karachi. Neil worked as a communication specialist, drove Uber, earned his Master’s degree in communication from George Mason University, and wrote his first novel.

Neil lives in the Washington DC Metro area with his beautiful wife, four talented children, & a loving mother. He is currently writing the third chapter of his life.

Five Lessons Life Taught Me!


Neil has a great sense of audiences and what will resonate with whom. His work combining data and creative content in our Evaluator tool resulted in strong lead generation. A valued colleague and true collaborator, Neil brings a fresh perspective and creates marketing content that inspires action.

Deborah Joy
Marketing Director
Library Systems & Services

Neil and I worked together recently on a project and I could not say enough great things about his work, attitude, ability and professionalism. In what most would have considered a difficult situation and project, Neil excelled with creative thinking, sound judgement, strong insights and above all else, an ability to help steer a team and project whom he had never worked with before. Neil is not only a great Creative Director but also a great leader and person. I look forward to working with him for years to come.

Daniel Brienza
Chief Marketing Officer
AP Racing

Neil worked with me and my team to develop a social media campaign that was intended to encouraging individuals to become early childhood teachers. Throughout the process, Neil was incredibly professional. He worked hard to understand my organization's mission, vision, and social media goals and translated what he garnered into a creative, unique, and eye-catching social media campaign. Additionally, Neil shared interesting tools and activities with us that have helped to define my organization's brand and goals. Neil was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Javanna Obregon
Project Manager, Chicago School
Readiness Project at New York University

Neil and his team at Headlion produced some absolutely stunning work for the planned "relaunch" of PIA. I had previously considered that it was not possible to achieve work of this calibre without seeking the involvement of London, or New York agencies. Never have I been happier to be proved wrong. In a country which is experiencing more than its fair share of bad things and general gloom, Neil and his team are a beacon of hope to brands hoping to make their mark both nationally and regionally.

Richard Bate
Experienced and Visionary Independent
Consultant to airlines and travel related companies

Neil pitched to us last year. We were blown away by his creative ideas and strategic thinking. He is very passionate about his work and works under pressure with a great sense of humour. His strategic thinking is unique and his creativity is worth writing about. Headlion is the agency of the future.

Dr. Claudia Warren
Founder Serenity Gardens Assisted
Living and House Call of America

Neil had a short stint as a Content Specialist and we wished he could have stayed longer here. In a short time, he displayed his work strong ethics, professionalism, and above all his creative skills. He came up with very effective marketing and branding ideas. He had a keen sense of branding and marketing strategy. His presentations were very engaging and laden with the solutions we needed. His attitude towards work was inspiring and heartening. We will miss him, and we wish him best in all of his endeavors.

Susan Harman
Associate Director,r
NOVA Community College

I am an avid people-watcher, online and offline. Neil is one of those people I have learned much from about networking with others, creating an exciting brand, and being real in the way he conducts business. He is successful and anyone working with him, has a great opportunity to experience that success. He is a very good example of the new kind of business savvy.

Suzanne Bowen
Co-Founder at Suzahdi
Co-Founder Elegant Group

Neil is a natural-born creative. He is able to read a brief and translate the essence & spirit of it into creative that breaks through the clutter, exceeds the brief and delivers results in a way that few can. I truly enjoy the experience of working with Neil!

Omar Abedin
Marketing Director at Careem

I came across Neil when I was looking for an advertising agency for the relaunch of Tetley. His name was recommended by someone I had worked with at Unilever. Besides being on the ball, I also looked at some of his work which never saw the light of the day - hiring him was one of the best decisions we made. Neil is both creative and understand's brand strategy (a rare combination). His work can easily be compared to anything I have seen internationally.

Qashif Effendi
CEO Reem

I worked with Neil, as a client, at Bestfoods. I loved working with him, and have always admired his out of the ordinary approach to brand communication. His transition from a very talented creative, to the head of one of the most well respected agency, seems perfectly natural. I once read that a perfect marketer has three things in abundant supply... Brains, Balls & Brawn. Neil has all 3. And the fact that he's constantly evolving, attests to the creative spirit of exceptional advertising thought.

Rehan Haque
Experienced Marketing, Business
Development & Operations Professional