Spreading November 2023

A secret club aims to select the world’s most powerful man by influencing the next Presidential elections. They miscalculated one thing. Messing with Maya, who’s about to become the most powerful woman in the country. Her game plan? Nearly 50,000 Americans choose to end their lives each year; she just needs to borrow a few days of their lives. Together, the weakest of the weak are about to ignite a storm the powerful never see coming. ​

“I never knew revenge could be beautiful,” Max said.

“It will be.” Ryan smiled and raised his glass, “Worthy of its place in poetry books and art galleries.”

Ryan Walker, an award-winning creative director, is envious of people with goals. The only desire he has is to kill himself. That ambition ends when his boss, Gabriel Todd Christopher, tries to kill him.

Paralyzed and broke, Ryan wakes up in an exclusive club for retired billionaires called Head Lion. Ryan Walker has no idea why the biggest media tycoon in New York wants him dead. No idea why he’s getting help anonymously. No idea about the secrets that surround him. And no idea how to get even.

The only thing Ryan knows is that he does not want his revenge to be ordinary. He wants it to be epic. And to make that happen, Ryan needs his biggest rival in the advertising world and the dusted and forgotten mavens in Head Lion.

As Ryan prepares for the greatest coup the advertising world has ever seen, he grapples with hidden enemies, his newfound penchant for crime, and a deadline he can’t afford to miss.

And even though she was forbidden to dance in the rain, she closed her eyes and swayed one last time. Time stood still; everything else moved with her, including thunder and lightning.​

Iron Sparrows Book Neil Christy


The Escalade stopped outside a brown townhouse that seemed as ordinary as the clothes Maya was wearing. It was almost as if someone had gone out of their way to make it look as uninteresting as possible.
“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” Will said as if he had read her mind.
Maya hesitated, her hand reaching out to touch the weathered wood of the old door. Its handcrafted motifs remained intact and seemed like wrinkles on the forehead of an old, trusted guru. A rusted metal sign adorned with a beautifully carved sparrow and an illegible English quote, hinted at forgotten secrets. Yet, the presence of a high-tech security system on the adjacent arch created a stark contrast, highlighting the mystery that lay behind the worn-out entrance.